“Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.” – Geri Weitzman

I’m afraid I learned this one the hard way. But THAT is exactly what I’ve been doing! I’ve kept very busy writing, recording and performing since I got back from the US military tour. I’ve come across sorts of characters along the way.

Jomar Jay for example, has become one of my favorite people to co-write and perform with….and as it turns out he is my long lost Philipino brother. Who knew?

Pre Show

Also had the pleasure of writing with Caroline Brooks, Ben Jaffe, Josh Tangney, Jay Gore, Jay Ollero and Ryan Kern to name a few.

Gotta say my favorite was working with Bentley. Keaton Simons may be a rock star, but his dog Bentley is the real genius :)

I had the honor of visiting some old friends on the Colbie Caillat & Andy Grammer National tour. Both of the lovely gentleman below have played bass for me & now they play for Colbie & Andy. Keepin it in the family

Zach Rudulph & Josh Nyback

I could not believe the incredible show that they had all been putting on every night. The venues were huge and they still managed to sell them all out. So amazing! The fans are really loyal too.

One of the radio shows that Andy was performing for, happened to be ON Fenway Field in Boston ON Halloween! What a crazy thing to do on Halloween! We got to see the infamous baseball stadium completely empty and take some fun pics.

On the last night of the tour, everyone surprised Andy, put on ridiculous hats, and came out on stage dancing to his song “Keep Your Head Up.” EPIC end to an EPIC round of shows.

Justin Young, Colbie Caillat, AijiA Lise

Ya…that happened. We performed for the US military soldiers and families on a US base in Baumholder, Germany. It was one of the coolest venues yet.

Sometime after the war, the US took over the entire base and made it a place for the military families to live, work, and go to school. All of the swastikas on the buildings were changed into different “more pleasant” designs. CRAZY.

Baumholder has the most beautiful landscape. The colors don’t even look real.



Post show meet and greet with our very little fans :)

Underneath every building on base were these crazy secret passageways. The Nazi’s used them to get around from building to building without being seen. We’re talking HUGE secret pathways. We got a chance to walk around in them and look at everything. There were beer bottles on the ground from the 1940’s! It was pitch black inside and the only light came from our cameras. Thank you iphone flashlight app


I forgot to post this crazy photo! It deserves it’s own blog post. This was the sign at the front of every base in Iraq. Read closey……they don’t kid around.

As soon as we got to Germany, we hopped in our huge ass tour bus and headed for Heidelberg.
When we got there, we started the hike to the famous castle that rests at the top of the hills. There were A LOT of stairs.

the grass area at the bottom used to be the water mot

The view from the top of the castle was ridiculous. The air was so clean. Living in LA has made me forget that this even exists.

There was a wine barrel in the castle that was SO BIG and super old. I’m not sure how old….but it was old.

The city of Heidelberg, Germany

Its true….I do :)

Our last stop in Iraq was at a base in Mosul, at the very tip top of the country.

It was one of the bases that had been “hit” pretty frequently with attacks, so nerves were a little high. Nevertheless we put on our dancing shoes and got down to business!

By far the best part of the day is always meeting everyone after and hearing their stories.

And we got THEIR autographs too :)

We got another amazing plaque and thank you from the units out there.

We met a particular soldier who had a black lab with him. Her name was “Butch” and she was a therapy dog. She had more medals and patches on than any human on the base. Her whole job was to go around and help people relax and just give love. When you’re traveling and working so hard, sometimes you forget to be affectionate. She was a heavy reminder. Good Girl

These were the kinds of vans that got us around base.

More to come….

This is the cockpit of the C130 plane we took to our last gig. The boys were pouting because they only let me ride with the captain, in the air conditioned, and quite comfortable front of the plane. Perks of being a female I guess! Check out how beautiful the Tigris River is.

We’ve had such a blast performing for all the troops so far. Here are some pictures of us performing at Camp Endeavor in Iraq and doing the “meet and greet” afterward. It was one of the smallest and most remote bases we have performed for so far. When I say it was in the middle of nowhere….its an understatement.

This next show was at Al-Asad in Iraq, which used to be where Saddam Hussein housed his military and diplomats. It was a lot like a high school auditorium. Pretty intense to think that once he was spreading his “crazy” from that very same stage.

Here is a bit more scenery, for you to get a grasp of what it looks like.

In the photo below: The buildings off in the distance are where the Iraqi soldiers are housed. They get training from the American soldiers everyday, to learn how to protect themselves. All part of the troops pulling out of Iraq.

A sign that some soldiers had hanging up at Camp Endeavor….I gotta say, I don’t promote killing…..but this is pretty funny.

On to the next adventure!

Whatever your opinion is of the war and the violence, you should know that when you hold a big gun…..you actually feel like more of a badass.

Sometimes you just need a confidence boost.

We got about 5 minutes instruction on how to shoot these machine guns and then they pretty much just handed them over. I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Go figure.

The cigarette is obviously just a prop and wont be lit to prevent bodily harm

Each of these guns can shoot about as far as a football field and can penetrate a tank. When you fire the shot, you feel your whole body shake like an earthquake just hit.

I’m not much of a plane or jet person…. But getting to sit in a 30 million dollar jet was one of the cooler things I’ve ever done. We had the opportunity to get an up close and personal tour of one of the fighter jets for the US Military. The amount of training these guys and girls have to do to fly this thing is insane.




WOW! SO much has happened since my last post.

I traveled all through Kuwait and got to perform for some of the coolest soldiers ever! I can’t believe that people live like this all year to protect our country and our freedom. Its really amazing to get to meet them and hear how the experience out here has changed them.

We got the opportunity to meet the commander of one of the bases who presented us with a plaque to thank us for coming out here. That was a really special moment.

While on this trip we have gotten to fly to and from our shows on all sorts of crazy vehicles. Most are pretty intimidating.

This is a photo of the last Chariot we had. A Black Hawk Helicopter. No windows and it’s about 119 degrees outside. Let’s ride!

We flew on a military plane with some soldiers who were wounded in battle and were brought back to the middle east for some closure. As they got off the plane, they were greeted with a proper military salute complete with a band. It was so inspiring to speak with them and watch them receive their much earned respect. Even from the back of the plane, you could feel the energy.

This is a photo of Ben and I doing Kundalini Yoga on the plane. We figured it was already 120 degrees in the plane, so why not!?



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